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Nantucket Allies, LLC was very recently formed to work within the Nantucket Island Business Community to develop and implement various business solutions that facilitate a healthy economic environment.

Our first solutions were developed over a three year period and are comprised of various platforms designed to seamlessly work together and will be rolled out in stages. We are proud to say that we launched our first solution, Nantucket Trade Bank in Beta on December 10, 2013 are working hard to build our Membership. It is going very well and we are adding about 10 new business members each month! You may visit the site at www.nantuckettradebank.com.

If you own or operate a local business on Nantucket and would like to learn more please enter your information on the Contact Us Page above and we will contact you right away. We hope you contact us soon so that you can play a part of this exciting community initiative! 

Thank You!

The Nantucket Allies Team