Welcome to Nantucket Allies!

Nantucket Allies, LLC was formed in 2012 to work within the Nantucket Island Business Community to develop and implement various business solutions and start-ups that help to increase local year round and seasonal jobs as well as to boost the overall economic environment.
Our solutions and Start-ups are being developed to seamlessly work together so that they enjoy a synergetic relationship between each other. Our first Business, Nantucket Trade Bank was launched in Beta on December 10, 2013. We now have over 100 businesses in our Membership. It’s a great way to keep our money local and for Members to financially support each in the off season when cash sales are down. We are always looking for new Members so please contact us. You may visit the site at www.nantuckettradebank.com.

We launched our second solution www.nantucketsavelocal.com in October of 2015 in Beta and we continue to build our business. It is a free marketing platform for our Members to bring in new cash paying customers, again in the slower months. We have enjoyed much success and continue to grow this business.

If you own or operate a local business in Nantucket and would like to learn more please Click the Contact Us Tab and we will get in touch! We hope you contact us soon to play a part in  this exciting local based business initiative!

If you would like to visit Nantucket and enjoy the magic of this wonderful Island please Click the Contact Us Tab to send us a note and we will add you to our mailing list for various offers coming soon!


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The Nantucket Allies Group